Ton and a Half of Cocaine Seized in the United States from Colombia

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Port authorities in New York / New Jersey seized approximately 1,400 kilos of cocaine from Colombia in what authorities say is the largest seizure of the drug in the port in nearly 25 years, and the second greatest of all time.

The drugs were found on board a container that entered the United States from Buenaventura, Colombia, last month and have an estimated value of 77 million dollars.

The merchandise was discovered in the port of Newark after the authorities detected an irregularity in the pin used to close the doors of the shipping container, according to the special agent Erin Mulvey of the New York division of the United States Drug Administration. . “It was the pin that indicated something was wrong,” Mulvey told CNN.

The authorities opened the container and discovered 60 packages containing a white powdered substance that later, after a test, tested positive for cocaine.

Mulvey said there was a legitimate shipment of dried fruit behind the packages and that the drugs were probably loaded near a set of doors to be easily accessible to smugglers. The ship then went to the Belgian city of Antwerp.

Seize Ton and a Half of Cocaine from Colombia in the United States

Officials from multiple federal, state and local agencies discovered almost one and a half tons of cocaine from Colombia.

The agent said it was not yet clear if the drugs were destined to remain in the United States or continue on to Europe.

Customs and Border Protection officials confiscated the drugs and handed them over to agents from the National Security Investigations office. The coup occurred on February 28 and is now investigated by the DEA and the National Security Investigations office. No arrests have been made.

“This is an important seizure. In fact, it is the largest seizure of cocaine in the Port of New York / Newark since May 1994, “Troy Miller, CBP operations director in New York, said in a statement. The seizure in 1994 was about 2,700 kilos of cocaine, according to Mulvey.

The seizure involved several municipal, state and federal agencies, including the Coast Guard, the New York Police Department and the New York State Police.


Source: CNNEspanol