Three fishermen disappear in Tabasco, México; they fear they have been attacked by pirates.

Three fishermen had to return to land on Tuesday, but it is a date that is still missing and relatives are afraid that they have been shipwrecked.

Relatives reported the disappearance of three fishermen who left the port of Frontera , Centla, since last Monday and have not returned until Thursday.

The three sailors, including a minor of 15 years , are from Sánchez Magallanes, Cárdenas and should have returned on Tuesday morning, but until this Thursday their whereabouts are unknown .

Antonio Merlín, a colleague of theirs, reported that on Monday afternoon, the three men went fishing for sawfish, in the El Bosque community , aboard a 25-foot fiberglass boat called “Mike The Commoner V “.

He indicated that they should have returned on Tuesday morning, but they are missing, so they fear that their boat has been shipwrecked .

Some causes would be that the engine has been decomposed and they do not rule out that they have been attacked by “pirates” who swarm in the high seas on the coast of Tabasco and Campeche, to steal the fishermen’s catch.

Mexican Piracy attackBoth relatives and friends, as authorities of the port of Frontera, look for Carmen Arturo Lara, Juan José Lara Loeza and Miguel Arturo Lara Jiménez.

Doña Yari Magnolia Lara Jiménez, mother of Juan José and Miguel Arturo, 20 and 15 years old respectively, said that since Monday at four in the afternoon they went fishing, they did not come back, so she cries to the authorities help look for them.

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