Threats of Oil Spill in the Black Sea, Where Tankers Burn

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Threats of oil spills in the Black Sea, where two tankers have been burning for more than a month, separate fire centers will not create obstacles for their towing, said Yuri Tsvetkov, head of Rosmorrechflot, deputy transport minister of the Russian Federation, on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Volga and Caspian cruise tourism development Astrakhan.

Earlier, TASS reported that the specialists of Rosprirodnadzor revealed an excess of the maximum permissible concentration level (MAC) of oil products in the sea water in the area of ​​combustion of two tankers, an administrative violation case was initiated.

“There are no threats of spills, the situation is monitored, emergency rescue service vessels are working on the scene, they monitor the situation … There are separate fires, they [tankers] will be towed off without any problems,” Tsvetkov said.

He noted that the tanker owners compensated the Russian Federation for the financial costs of the rescue operation. “A salvage contract was signed with the owners of the vessels, it is compensated, we received money for this operation. An agreement was signed on the basis of which they [the maritime rescue services] should transfer the vessels to the shipowners in the near future, ”the agency’s source said.

Threats of Oil Spill in the Black Sea, Where Tankers Burn

A fire on tankers Maestro and Kandy, owned by a Turkish company, occurred on January 21 in the Kerch Strait area outside the territorial waters of Russia. According to preliminary data, the incident occurred during the transshipment of liquefied gas from one vessel to another. Of the 32 sailors, 12 were rescued, among them citizens of Turkey and India.


Source: Maritime News of Russia