Those Friends Who Always Have Your Back When You Need Them Most (VIDEO)


A video shows the shocking moment when a dog nearly dies by being devoured by a hungry shark, but his friends rescue him.

A young man recorded how his dog is attacked by a voracious shark, which was protected by his canine companions. The shocking images became a trend in social networks.

The unusual moment did not go unnoticed by the bathers, who recorded the shocking scene and spread it on social networks, where the video quickly went viral, pulling out all kinds of reactions, most of them astonished.

At first, the images do not allow to see clearly what happens, until the dogs are in action and triggers a tough battle.

The video shows when a furious shark quickly approaches a dog that was almost at the edge of the sea to attack it and turn it into its next prey. However, when it is very close to the dog, it is observed how two other dogs enter the water to scare the shark and save his friend from the fierce attack.

Fortunately, the dog that was going to be attacked by the furious animal manages to escape, while the other dogs surround the shark trying to chase it away. Even another dog appears moments later to join the fight until, finally, the shark disappears from the scene.

The images of this viral video on Facebook have caused various reactions among Internet users, who rated the click as a sign of the loyalty and fidelity of these animals. A bond so strong that leads them to protect each other at times of risk, exposing even their lives.



Source: La Republica