This Underwater Phenomenon Will Leave You Shocked and Intrigued

On February 18, 2018 in Manistique, Michigan, a man recorded video footage of this amazing natural wonder in a freshwater spring called Kitch-iti-kipi or The Big Spring. Provider of the video states, “It is 45 feet deep and averages at around 45 degrees year round. More than 10,000 gallons per minute flow from fissures in the limestone to create this natural wonder.”

He continues to say.

“It is Michigan’s largest freshwater spring, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The swirling of sand is caused from the water flowing from under ground. I hung my GoPro 30 ft down to get this. The fish swimming around are large brook trout.” said the camera man who submitted the clip.

This underwater phenomenon is an amazingly natural occurrence which you don’t see too often. Thankfully we were able to witness it with the high definition filming of this Michigan native.

Source: ViralHog