This Spanish City Allows Women To Go Topless Freely In Municipal Swimming Pools

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The authorities explained that there is no regulation prohibiting this practice.

The Barcelona City Council has sent a report from the Office for Non-Discrimination (OND) to the municipal centers with a swimming pool, remembering that the ‘topless’ is allowed in these spaces, since otherwise it would be a “practice discriminatory, ” reports ABC.

The decision was made after the Mugrons Lliures organization filed a complaint with the OND alleging that the regulations that seek to regulate clothing based on gender are discriminatory. The entity requested that sports centers with swimming pools remove any regulations that prohibit the ‘topless’ after a user is urged to cover her breasts in a facility, using internal regulations.

There is no law prohibiting it

Janet Sanz, councilor of the Barcelona City Council, stressed that there is no regulation prohibiting this practice in municipal swimming pools and that what the OND has done has been a reminder for the centers. Sanz clarified, in addition, that the goal is that “all women who want to do ‘topless’ can do it” freely in the centers, both public and private.

Municipal sources explained that it is a recommendation that has been well received by sports centers. However, they made it clear that in case of non-compliance sanctions could be applied as it is a discriminatory act.

The recommendation based on a legal report considers that the ‘topless’ is allowed in both indoor and outdoor pools.

This Spanish city allows women to do 'topless' freely in municipal swimming pools


Source: ActualidadRT

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