This RARE Species of Octopus is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

In this video clip, scuba diver catches a shot of a incredible species of octopus. This type of octopus is called a “coconut octopus” or otherwise known by its scientific name, Amphioctopus marginatus. It is a much different looking octopus compared to the usual one we’re used to seeing.

The coconut octopus has different colors, as well they tend to use shells that resembles a literal coconut half to hide in or use as shelter. An odd but amazing species to see on video or even better, in a real life deep sea setting. Prior to seeing this video, it is normal that you have never seen this type of octopus because most of us haven’t.

Another thing to notice is the way it strolls across the ocean floor like it’s running. This looks sort of funny but cool at the same time. We get to see how it moves and where it prefers to live. Most coconut octopuses seem to live on the ocean floor.

We hope you enjoyed witnessing this awesome species of octopus because we sure did!

Source: ViralHog