This Man FULL SENDS it Over a Sand Bar and Lands Wild Stunt

On May 4, 2019 in Langley, British Columbia, a guy driving a jet boat decides to completely send it over a sand bar on the Fraser River. Him and the passenger head towards the bank at full speed and basically ride the big rock like a ramp.

While riding across the sand bar, the boat gets completely scraped and you can hear it very clearly in the video. I guess the guy driving knew this would happen but didn’t care much about damaging the boat, just landing the stunt.

We can’t say it doesn’t look cool. After shredding the rock, he actually gets a bit of air on the way down. Slamming the boat straight into the water and continues cruising until the video ends.

A wild and bad ass stunt which we will probably be seeing more often as summer is just around the corner. Enjoy the video clip down below!

Source: ViralHog