This Large Beast Stalks Their Boat Until They Cut Their Fishing Trip Short and Flee

On May 18, 2019 in Geographe Bay, Western Australia, a group of guys are enjoying a nice fishing trip 18 miles offshore until they encounter something they didn’t want to see. This beast they ran into was a large shark. This shark was stalking their boat for awhile with no sign of leaving.

They decided to throw some of the small fish they caught off the boat to distract the shark while they were pulling up their line. Still no sign of the shark giving up, it seems he had bigger food on his mind.

The man who filmed the video said: “An estimated six-meter long shark approached as I cast a fishing rod from the rear of the boat. Fearing the huge shark, we pulled up our line. The shark followed the boat as we moved away until we threw the undersized fish back into the water, catching its attention momentarily. The shark investigated the undersized fish, before returning to the back of our boat.”

It seems these guys didn’t get lucky on this day. They stumbled across a smarter shark than they had hoped. Even by throwing bait out there to distract him, he still followed them until they got back to shore. They did the safe and right thing to do by heading back instead of risking their lives to fish a little while longer.

The man finished off by saying: “At that point, we decided to cut our fishing trip short and headed back to shore.”

Source: ViralHog