This Duck Becomes The ‘Hero’ Of Social Networks After Assisting A Child [VIDEO]

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On Facebook, there is a clip that shows the precise moment in which a bird does not give up and helps a young boy become viral.

He became the superhero that none expected. On Facebook, a video that shows the unusual moment when a duck was the idol of Internet users went viral, thanks to the fact that it protected a child.

Although the unusual event happened in a village in the province of Quezon, in the Philippines, thanks to Facebook, its images could be seen in distant countries such as Mexico, United States or Colombia where social networks became trends.

The value most highlighted by Facebook users about the duck is its ‘persistence’ to not give up and continue in their eagerness to help a child reach his sandal, although he was repeatedly failing.

He slips, falls in the mud and cold were not impediment for the duck to give up and finally managed to reach the flip-flop that lay abandoned at the bottom of a muddy hill, on Facebook thousands of users showed their admiration for the animal and expect the child to explain what It will happen to the animal from now on, as can be seen in the comments.

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Source: La Republica