This Clip of Ring Bubbles Colliding Will Make You Think It’s Fake

On March 29, 2019 in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, diver records clip of ring bubbles colliding in the ocean. This was their description of how it happened. “Two bubble rings collide in slow-motion, pushing air from my mouth, it’s possible to create a vortex current that takes the air, making this ring shape when the currents vortex collides, it makes this effect.”

A very interesting event here with two huge bubble rings that seemed to be created from the diver’s mouth, then further manipulated by pushing air towards them, making them collide and spin around each other. A weird but cool activity that makes for an awesome underwater video!

At the beginning it’s almost as if the rings look fake due to how cleanly produced they are, but as they start to collide and spin, you can notice that they start breaking and it is in fact real bubble rings.

Source: ViralHog