They Witness An Insane Feeding Frenzy On The Ocean Floor Then The Unexpected Happens (VIDEO)

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Eleven sharks devoured the corpse of a giant swordfish when the giant creature swallowed one of them whole. The video of the unusual event went viral on social networks like YouTube .

Researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States recorded the precise moment in which a mere giant devoured a shark in a single bite in the depths of the ocean. The scene went viral on YouTube and other social networks.

In the midst of their search for shipwrecks on the ocean floor, NOAA scientists stumbled upon a feast that can rarely be captured on camera by eleven sharks, who eagerly ate the remains of a huge swordfish weighing more than 113 kilos. approximately.

Suddenly, a mere giant appears from nowhere and swallows one of the small sharks, known as dogfish. All the fuss they generated was filmed by the underwater exploration team, which did not hesitate to share on their official YouTube channel and the rest of their social networks.

The diet of giant groupers is mainly composed of crabs and other crustaceans but they are also known to devour slow-moving fish. Sharks, however, rarely listed on their menu so you see something like the video viral on YouTube is a unique spectacle.

The scientists claim that the hungry fish used the NOAA’s underwater explorer to cover itself in order to surprise its prey, demonstrating the ability sometimes shown by large predators to feed on smaller animals.


Source: Trome