They Were Shocked To See Who Emerged From The Lake After Watching Him Swim Across It (VIDEO)


A biologist estimates that the bird was hunting in the water and had the prey in its claws.

A bald eagle showed Monday that he has  impressive swimming skills . The images show the bird giving ‘armfuls’ with its large wings in Lake Winnipesaukee, located in the state of New Hampshire (USA), and were recorded by Tyler Blake. The video that was  published  by the local channel WMUR-TV, and went viral on social networks.

Blake told the channel that he saw a living being in the lake on Monday early in the morning when he was working. Then he ran to the dock and realized that in the water there was a bird that was  swimming like a person .

Blake thought that the bird could be injured, but a local biologist denied it, noting that it had been marrying in the lake , to bring food to their young. The specialist explained that the eagle probably had a fish in its claws, since that is a common way of looking for food for this species.

In recent years the population of bald eagles that were previously on the verge of extinction grew a lot. According to the media, only in the state of New Hampshire the number of these birds increases by 10% per year.


Source: ActualidadRT