They Were Hypnotized by Rare Scene Off Bowen Island, British Columbia

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The video shows Orcas chasing sea lions, chasing seals, a few meters from British Columbia beach.

It was the kind of scene you’d expect to see in a documentary about nature told by David Attenborough.

But for a group of families from Bowen Island on Friday, the show was in live, right in front of their eyes.

A man was with his family and friends barbecuing in King Edward Bay when suddenly there was a lot of activity at sea.

“Basically, we were on our local beach having hot dogs … and all of a sudden, it seemed like a lot of dolphins were coming in, and when they got closer, we realized they were sea lions,” he said.

The man took out his phone, hoping to capture a video to “mimic” a series of other sea lion videos that Bowen Island residents have put online recently, when the scene suddenly took a dramatic turn.

“When I get out my phone, we notice that they were actually whales chasing sea lions,” he said.

“They started chasing them, and later on we realized that there were also seals.

The rest continued for about a minute when the group of killer whales crossed the sea lion peloton several times.

“It’s amazing … look how many killer whales there are,” you can hear a person exclaiming.

“Go sea lions!” Shouts another.

The Killer whales were most likely transient killer whales that feed on sea lions and seals, rather than members of the endangered southern killer whale population that eat only salmon.

The Bowen Island resident said he has seen whales in Bowen in recent years, but nothing like this.

“Everyone was going crazy, to be honest, [the video] does not describe what it was like to be there in person. Even 20 minutes after they left, we were all fascinated by what had happened.”