They Tried To Remove Dead Cetacean From The Sea And Is Attacked By Lethal Sharks [VIDEO]

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New YouTube video recorded the moments of terror that a young man lived, who was attacked by sharks while trying to check the body of a dead whale.

A YouTube video has gone viral in a matter of hours, as it revealed to us the moment of panic that a boy lived, when he was mercilessly attacked by lethal sharks. The young man tried to rescue the lifeless body of a whale that floated on the surface of the sea in Massachusetts, United States, when he realized that near that place were several hungry sharks that devoured the poor dead cetacean. What happened after? Keep reading to be aware of what happened.

The viral YouTube video captured the moment in which the man tried to extract the dead creature with the help of a net, without imagining that behind the forced maneuver he would find the shadow of huge sharks that roamed the immense Pacific Ocean. The shocking images became viral in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The fisherman described in the YouTube viral video that large white sharks about 6 meters long fed on the humpback whale. “Oh my God!”, The man is heard saying while watching the scene that became a trend, especially in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

According to wildlife experts, the humpback whale fell into the trap of cunning sharks , which with its powerful jaw tore the animal’s body apart. In addition, the photographs that went viral on YouTube showed the huge predator coming out of the water and clearly showing its sharp teeth.

Several beaches along the coast of Massachusetts were forced to close during the month of August due to the increase in scallop sighting. The viral video on YouTube was shared by the RT page in Spanish, which accumulated more than 22 thousand views, 95 shares and 27 comments.

“Incredible! The man had to be more careful before running into the terrifying creature, “while others disagreed with the fishermen.” Everyone knows that sharks are scavengers and eat whale carcasses, the odd thing would be the opposite, “users wrote on YouTube. .

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Source: La Republica