They Tried to Record a Sexy Greeting on the Beach and the End They caused Laughter Among the Witnesses.

On Facebook circulates a unique clip that immediately became viral for its protagonists, three young people who wanted to record a video on the beach but a detail made the outcome caused laughter among users of social networks. Everything happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil .

According to the images spread on Facebook , two women and a man had come to the beach to cool off, and as a result of the good time they spent together they decided to record a video as a souvenir of that day.

It is for this reason that the man, using a camera, placed himself in a position to take a selfie with his female companions, having activated the option to record video.Everything was fine; however, as seen in the viral clip of Facebook , none noticed that a wave came with force.

It took a toll on women, because Facebook images show that in a matter of seconds the wave came to where they were and knocked them down, while the man just moved it a bit.

Several Facebook users were quick to react to the scene, describing the moment as “fun”. Due to its content, the viral video already has more than 84 thousand reproductions and aims to continue increasing.