They Tease Him Over And Over In A Muddy River With A Piece Of Raw Fish (VIDEO)

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A video posted on YouTube has gone viral and has caused thousands of users to be shocked, as it shows the exact moment in which a group of fishermen navigate a vast river in Australia and run into a spooky creature that left them in shock. The unusual scene quickly became a trend in various social networks .

Every day thousands of videos can be seen on YouTube and other Internet platforms , where mysterious creatures can be seen . Sometimes it is possible to identify the animal that plays the clip, but in others the identity of these beasts becomes a mystery.

In this case a recording showed how a group of people, who were traveling in a boat through the Torrens river, came face to face with a huge animal. In the first seconds you can see one of the fishermen throwing a piece of fish into the water as bait, which instantly causes a creature to approach.

A moment later, the viral video on YouTube, it looks like a reptile rears its head in order to ingest food. After this, it leaves the water taking a big leap and it is there when it can be seen that it is really a huge crocodile, which is very hungry, so it does everything possible to get the piece of fish.

Some of the most prominent comments of the video were: “What a huge creature, I do not know what I would do if I run into something like this”, “It’s amazing how that huge crocodile jumps “, “At first I thought it was a strange animal , but When I saw his head I realized that I was a crocodile , but I was still inspired by fear “, among others.

Source: La Republica