They Sure Weren’t Expecting This Catch In Their Fishing Net (VIDEO)

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A video was recorded of a group of fishermen who captured a huge fishing haul, but when they were released from the net they found a gigantic living creature.

A big surprise was had by group of fishermen who work in a certain point of the North Pacific Ocean when they realized that among the millions of fish they managed to capture was a giant living creature. 

The workers noticed something strange among the fish when they started to take them out of the net. Among the thick ruma of animals was found an enormous sea ​​creature, whose appearance terrified all the fishermen.

A few seconds were enough to discover that the terrifying creature was a sea ​​lion that would was camouflaged in the fishing net by the attraction of the large amount of fish gathered in one place.

However, the curious reaction of the giant animal, that in the presence seemed like a dog, the mammal preferred to stay with the fish .



Source: La Republica