They Seize Nearly Two Tons of Cocaine in Piura Peru

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The drug was located by the Police in a tanker in the province of Sechura . The authorities captured seven people, five Mexicans and two Peruvians. The illegal merchandise would belong to a cartel in Mexico.

The police conducted the largest seizure of drugs in the last two years in Piura . This time the drug was found camouflaged in a tanker in the town of La Tortuga, province of Sechura .

Although there was no official information from the Police on the matter, sources from that institution revealed to this newspaper that the confiscated would be about two tons of cocaine hydrochloride . It was also learned that there are seven people in detention, including five Mexicans.

The detainees of Mexican nationality are José Castro Cataño (50), José Haros López (42), José Leiva Murillo (35), Adrián Aguirre Félix (45) and Juan Arce Mendoza (48). The first four were intervened when they moved in the intervened vehicle, while Arce Mendoza fell in the district of La Union, in Piura, where a hut was found that was apparently used to store the seized drugs.

The Peruvians captured are Edwin Arana Solórzano and Mario Zurita Córdova (36). The first was captured along with the four Mexicans in the tanker, while Zurita Cordova was intervened in Paita and would own the boat in which the drug was to be moved.

They Seize Nearly Two Tons of Cocaine in Piura Peru

It was also learned that the tanker truck was going to the province of Paita, in an artisanal boat, to take the cocaine to a ship that would take it abroad. The drug would belong to a Mexican cartel.

It should be recalled that a week ago, the police also intervened a refrigerated truck in the Panamericana Norte, at the height of Bayóvar, where 300 kilos of marijuana of the highest quality was found.


-This is the largest drug seizure in the last two years in Piura. According to police statistics, in 2018, cocaine, marijuana and basic cocaine paste seized three tons. 

-The cocaine was found in brick-like packages sealed with packing tape.


Source: Peru21