They See an Unusual Creature Emerging From The Sea and Quickly Escaping to Land [VIDEO]

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You have to see it. People were surprised when an unimaginable creature emerges from the sea and quickly flees overland, leaving the person who recorded the images speechless.

A man was walking along the coast of Queensland, Australia, while looking at the sea, he saw a strange figure moving in the middle of the sea. Immediately he picked up his cell phone and started recording the scene.

The subject felt dread because it looked like a tail like the ‘Loch Ness Monster’, however, little by little he realized that it was an animal. This one went to the shore swimming and while it was leaving, the man was noticing what animal it was.

The strange animal was a kangaroo. Unusually, the animal was introduced to the middle of the sea to enjoy a swim. After a few moments, the marsupial left the sea and went jumping to some trees that were meters away.

Onlookers were surprised because they had never seen a kangaroo in the middle of the sea. It is known that these animals are in the hot desert of Australia, however this animal did have the audacity to enter the deep sea.


Source: La Republica