They See A Spooky Sea Creature In ‘The Three Gorges Dam’ Approach It And Are Stunned By What They Find [VIDEO]

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The Facebook viral video shows the creepy appearance of a strange creature that a young man found when swimming in a river in China

A shocking video from Facebook shows the terrifying experience that a young man lived after going to a river in China , without suspecting that he would capture at the Three Gorges Dam , a creepy creature that slipped into the water, however, he discovered the truth of the story. This unprecedented fact became a ‘trend’ in social networks of countries such as Spain, the United States and Mexico.

The ‘monster’ of Loch Ness has inspired dozens of other sightings of supposed beings that actually had a logical explanation. This story is similar, but with a terrible truth that has caused the outrage of thousands of people.

A recent video uploaded to Facebook shows the terrifying scene that a young man filmed while he was near the Yangtze River in China and that caused thousands of people to truly believe that there is a monster.

And, the man shared on Facebook and other social networks the precise moment in which an alleged creature swam in this river . “Three Gorges water monster?” The boy asked in the post.

What was it? The Chinese and international media began to pay little attention to the news. Some experts pointed out that it was a huge type of eel, as noted by the latest research on Loch Ness.

However, the result of the investigation proved to be more frightening. And it was not a sea creature, but a mass of garbage formed by a plastic tube that had been adding more and more things

Mies of Facebook users were outraged to learn that the Yangtze is one of the most polluted rivers in the world, especially since the construction of the huge Three Gorges dam.



Source: La Republica