They Saw Something They Never Thought They Would See on the Lake

On May 11, 2019 in Valier, Montana, a group of friends were cruising on the lake in their boat when they spotted something a little odd. Two grizzly bears bobbing in the deep waters! Now that is truly something you don’t see every day.

Maybe a water snake or an otter would be a more normal spotting whilst fishing on the lake, but two big grizzlies? Truly surprising and funny at the same time.

The girl who submitted the video said.

“My boyfriend Jason, his friend Kevin and I were up fishing at Lake Francis by Valier, Montana. We were boating from one end of the lake to the other when we saw two spots bobbing in the water. We didn’t know what they were and as we got closer, we realized they were grizzly bears.”

We can notice that they never anticipated there being grizzlies casually bobbing in the water! We can’t blame them because who else would automatically think of grizzlies being out in the middle of the lake? Also, at the beginning it almost seems like the two bears were sparring.

“We circled around them and that’s when I started recording the video. As I did, they fought for a couple of seconds and then swam away from us.”

As she confirmed, they were in fact fighting in the first few seconds of the video. A very odd and laughable occurrence in this clip that just brightens up your day!

Source: ViralHog