They Rescue Huge Sea Creature Trapped Between The Rocks, Without Imagining What Would Happen [VIDEO]

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Unexpected outcome. A couple posted a video on Facebook that shows the exact moment when they rescue a huge sea creature that was trapped between the stones and had a curious reaction, after they helped her.

You can not miss it. It has become viral on Facebook and other social networks a video that was recorded by a couple of bathers , who were touring a beach, without imagining that they would run into a huge sea ​​creature that was trapped between the stones. They helped her, without imagining the curious reaction this animal would have that surprised everyone in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The couple realized that the animal needed their help and saved it from death. After several minutes of walking along the sea coast, a young couple was terrified to see a strange lump moving among a set of stones, without imagining that when approaching the scene they would run into a gigantic sea creature that fought for their freedom.

The viral Facebook recording recorded the moment when two bathers found a dying animal stuck between the huge stones of a paradise beach. Totally exhausted, the creature did not give up in its eagerness to escape the deadly trap in which it had fallen after leaving the sea in search of a shelter to lay its eggs.

However, the enormous effort that a sea ​​turtle experienced to stay alive paid off, since it was seen by a couple who without thinking twice ran to free it from two heavy rocks. The dramatic Facebook scene in which the animal collaborated with its rescuers went viral in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

After several minutes of intense rescue, the exhausted bathers used a huge stick to extract the body of the turtle stuck between two gigantic stones. Once released, the animal came back to life and quickly crawled to the sea, while its rescuers shouted: “Come on baby” in a curious scene that moved thousands on Facebook .

The video was shared on Facebook by the LADbible page, which accumulated more than 3 million views, 19,981 shares and 5,000 comments. “That was incredible! God bless you both for taking time and effort to rescue this beautiful sea turtle! ”, You can read on social networks.

Watch here the viral video of Facebook:


Source: La Republica