They Rescue 3 Men From A Peñíscola Boat Sunk By A Fire

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They shuffle a fault in the engine as the most likely cause of the fire. The crew of the boat ‘Blai’ locate the sailors on a raft.

The three sailors of the ship Tío Antonio de Peñíscola, dedicated to trawling, had to be rescued 10 miles off the coast of Orpesa after the boat caught fire and sank. It was the crew of a local fishing boat who located them and put them to safety. According to Maritime Rescue sources, at 9.50 am they received the first warning about the situation of this ship, issued by the Peñíscola brotherhood. The alarm caused the vessel Salvamar Sabik to move from Castelló, as well as a helicopter specializing in rescue operations.

However, the crew of the Blai, who were also fishing in the area, came forward and at 10.28 they informed the emergency services that the sailors of the injured ship were on board their ship. Rescue workers also participated in the L’Armos, who gave indications to Maritime Rescue on the exact location of the burned ship, according to the same sources.

MOTOR FAILURE // Apparently, the crew of Tío Antonio threw themselves into the water when the fire broke out and climbed onto a raft, where they waited to be rescued. The first hypothesis suggest that it was a fault in the engine of the boat that caused the fire, very spectacular due to a dense column of smoke that could be distinguished for kilometers.

At 1230 hours the three men disembarked in the port of Peñíscola and were taken to a health center, where they were given a medical examination in which they verified that they did not suffer any injury. All belong to a family with a lot of links to the fishing sector in Peñíscola. The accident has caused a deep sorrow among the sailors of the town, among them the main skipper, Miguel Castell, who is also the president of the Federation of Fishing Guilds of Castellón.

ANOTHER CASE LAST MONTH // In May, a very similar accident had a more tragic result. It happened 11 miles from Port de la Selva (Girona) and on that occasion, as a result of the flames, one person died and four others were injured. As with Uncle Antonio, the sailors were rescued by another fishing vessel.

They Rescue 3 Men From A Peñíscola Boat Sunk By A Fire

It is also the second accident suffered by a Peñíscola trawler in the course of a few months. And in October 2018, the Germans Peris ran aground among the rocks of the breakwater when he was about to enter through the mouth of the port with the catch of the day. The ship, made of fiber, was totally tilted in the sea as a result of the violent impact it suffered.

Source: El Periodico Mediterraneo