They Recreate The Most Heartbreaking Scene From Titanic (VIDEO)

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A group of friends could not find a better way to be entertained at a get together than interpreting one of the most moving moments of the Titanic.

A group of young people have caused a laughter on social networks after starring in a funny scene during a meeting of friends that has gone viral on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook after being recorded on video by some of the attendees.

The young people did not find a better opportunity to show their sense of humour and their artistic skills during a swim in a pool, which recreated the moving scene of one of the classics of cinema: Titanic .

In the images, which already have more than 100 000 reproductions in the networks, several young people are seen floating with their eyes closed in the water, as if they were dead, while to the side a boy appears on a float holding one of his companions, to whom he tries to revive him as it happens in the scene of the death of “Jack” in the famous movie. The fun moment is accompanied by a musical background with the main song of the tape.

Although several of the young people seem to be very concentrated recreating the epic scene of Titanic, the fun moment was captured on video by some of the attendees of the meeting, who did not miss the opportunity to record the fun moment and make it viral on the networks .

The funny recording that went viral quickly on YouTube has generated several reactions among Internet users, especially among the youngest, who described the clip as an example of healthy fun, noting that it is a good idea to put it into practice at family gatherings or friends.


Source: La Republica