They Record The Moment When Three Whales Surround Ship Full of Crew [VIDEO]

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You will be amazed. Through a video the moment when three huge whales surrounded a yacht in the middle of the sea was appreciated.

An unforgettable experience for witnesses. Wonderful show was given three whales and this was recorded and shared through a Facebook video . The recent viral video was recorded by a drone and the images have gone around the world, since the marine creatures surrounded a boat that had four passengers on board.

The Facebook page responsible for publishing the images of the three whales in the sea was ‘Clarín’, which already has approximately 100 thousand reproductions and has quickly gone viral .

As seen in the Facebook video that was captured by a drone , the yacht was in the middle of the sea , on board were four people who had left with the intention of exploring, without imagining what would happen.

The small boat , first came a whale that began to spin, after a few minutes, his companions followed him and placed under performing what would seem a choreography , as recorded on Facebook .

One of the passengers of the yacht recorded the amazing spectacle of the great whales with the help of his drone , for that reason, he saw the images from his tablet that he did not hesitate to share it on Facebook .

The whales circled the yacht several times, without attacking the passengers on board, at times, as recorded in the Facebook video, the mammals emerged from the water and submerged again.

Thousands of Facebook users were surprised with the images of the whales , for some this act “was impressive”, but others considered that “they would be afraid to be in that situation” before the supposed danger of being close to the huge mammals .

Here we leave you the video that ‘Clarín’ shared on his Facebookpage, about the spectacle of whales in the sea.