They Read A Sign “Beach Closed Due To Shark Sightings” And Get An Incredible Surprise (VIDEO)

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A viral video posted on Facebook that shows a sign that alerted bathers to the presence of fierce sharks; However, it was all a funny joke.

Through Facebook, a viral video was shared that caused thousands of laughs to its viewers, after the cute joke played by those in charge of a swimming pool located in the United States to some bathers.

Several families decided to spend a pleasant time in an amusement park that had a beach and swimming pools of all sizes for adults and children. However, they did not imagine becoming victims of a joke and had the scare of their lives and became the stars of this viral video on Facebook.

The bathers were preparing to enjoy the pool when they were suddenly surprised by a sign. “Beach closed due to shark sightings”, placed on a fence surrounding the pool to alert people arriving to the area.

Immediately, the families moved away so as not to suffer the attack of the fierce marine animal and take precaution, but they were tremendously surprised to discover the truth and that nothing was what it seemed.

The owners of the park had disguised an adorable dachshund like a shark and him standing near the edge of the pool. The vacationers took the joke with humour and took out their cell phones to record the funny scene to post it on Facebook.

Watch here the viral video of Facebook:


Source: La Republica