They Publish Conversation Between Military Ships Of Iran And The United Kingdom Just Before The Seizure Of The Tanker Stena Impero (Actual VIDEO)

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You can hear how the Iranian crew indicated that they want to inspect the Stena Impero “for security reasons”, to which the British side reiterated that the actions in question will hinder the transit of the tanker.

On July 21, a recording of the conversation between members of the British Navy and the Iranian military was released just before the British oil tanker Stena Impero was seized this Friday by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Strait of Hormuz.

In the audio, obtained by the British maritime security company Dryad Global, it can be heard how the Iranian patrol vessel declared, addressing the Stena Impero, that ” if [its crew] obey, they will be safe ” and urged to change the 360º course “immediately “

Seconds later, the British warship HMS Montrose also established communication with the Stena Impero and specified that the transit of the tanker was carried out ” under international law “. “I reiterate that since you are making the passage in transit in the strait recognized as international by virtue of international law, your passage can not be prejudiced, impeded, hindered or hindered,” they said from the British ship.

For its part, the Iranian crew indicated that it wants to ” inspect the vessel [Stena Impero] for security reasons”, to which the British side reiterated that the actions in question will hinder the transit of the tanker and asked to confirm that the nation’s military Persian “have no intention of violating international law by trying to illegally board the Stena [Impero].”

Previously, the Iranian authorities  claimed  that, before being arrested, the Stena Impero was involved in an  accident with an Iranian fishing boat .  However, in the broadcast recording there is no reference to it.

On Friday, the Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran (IRGC)  announced  that they had seized the British oil tanker Stena Impero “for ignoring international maritime regulations and regulations by crossing the Strait of Hormuz.” Washington called the capture of the ship as evidence   of Tehran’s “escalation of violence.”

A source from the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom revealed on Saturday that the warship HMS Montrose  tried to prevent the Revolutionary Guard of Iran from  seizing  the tanker Stena Impero. However, the Royal Navy ship arrived  ten minutes late and could not avoid the seizure.

The British tanker was still in the waters of the Strait of Hormuz when the relief orders were sent. However, when HMS Montrose arrived at the scene, the Stena Impero had already been seized and transported to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.

The tensions between London and Tehran increased  two weeks ago, when on July 4 British marines and the Gibraltar Police detained  the Grace 1 tanker, operated by Tehran, in waters of the Strait, allegedly carrying crude oil to Syria, thus violating the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Damascus. 

In turn, Iran  crossed out  the interception of Panamanian flag Grace 1, as “a destructive step” and  “a form of piracy”, while repeatedly promising to reciprocate by capturing a British oil tanker.


Source: ActualidadRT