They Perform Dangerous Experiment With Fierce Creatures That Emerge From The Depths Of The Ocean [VIDEO]

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A viral YouTube video shows when young scientists performs an incredible experiment to see if sharks can really smell and follow blood and urine.

A viral video on YouTube reveals the shocking moment in which a scientist gets to know if sharks really smell blood and follow it. The dangerous experiment left thousands impressed and became a trend in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Spain.

As you can see in the YouTube video, the young scientist, together with his companions, move in a boat towards the middle of the ocean and assemble small boats with which they will carry out their experiment .

They make four boats with different substances : fish oil, urine, sea water and cow’s blood, to know which one the sharks react with.

The experiment that went viral on YouTube, consists of a machine on the boats that is slowly spreading the substances they load, as they move away.

The results stunned thousands of YouTube users, including the same biologist, who said that after an hour of spreading the substances, four sharks were behind the fish oil, while about 41 of them were scattered by blood. While none of the sharks followed urine and sea salt water.


Source: La Republica