They Never Imagined a Pleasant Moment of Fishing Would End This Way (VIDEO)

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A great surprise was had when two friends suffered the shock of their lives. The guys were fishing near a lagoon when suddenly an overwhelming huge reptile suddenly emerged at high speed.

The huge crocodile ended up generating a shocking moment of a horror movie when the boys were in a quiet and comfortable setting, ready to catch some fish for what would be part of their lunch.

“Run, brother. Run, Daniel, ” was the scream uttered by one of the boys as he witnessed the unusual creature.  

Both guys did not suffer any injuries by the animal as they ran scared as soon as they distinguished the animal emerging from the depths of the lagoon.

The terrifying event occurred on Saturday March 23, 2019, one of the young guys was recording the experience with his friend. 

The reptile begins to run towards the young man identified as Daniel very quickly. Both boys ran away from the lagoon without stopping to register the moment.


Source: La Republica