They Manage To Film a Marine Creature Almost Impossible To Capture Because Of Its Small Size In The Pacific Ocean

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Biologists came across small floating shells that were very difficult to distinguish because of their small size.

An unusual sea creature was captured by cameras installed by a team of biologists in Pacific Ocean waters near Alaska (USA).

The animal in question is an appendicular that was filmed at the end of July at a depth of between 2 and 3 kilometers by the marine biologist Vittoria Roncalli of the University of Barcelona (Spain). It happened during the Seamonts 19 expedition of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, whose purpose is to study zooplankton in the Gulf of Alaska.

The appendicles are small floating shells and a class of urocordates. Their length generally does not exceed one centimeter, so they are quite difficult to perceive. The study of the species is important to understand the evolution of the chordates.


Source: ActualidadRT