They Look for Uruguayan and French After Shipwreck in Argentina

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The French flag vessel turned in a bell. Four crew members were rescued and they are looking for two more.

Two crew members of a French sailboat sailing through southern Argentina disappeared when their boat circled due to bad weather, while another on board was injured, the Argentine Navy said in a statement.

The spokesman of the Navy, Rodolfo Ramallo, told TN that the missing persons are a Uruguayan woman of 68 years and a French man of 66, and “who did not have lifejackets at the time of the accident”.

After receiving a distress alert from the Ti Paradise sailboat at 11.15 am on Tuesday, 1,400 kilometers east of Comodoro Rivadavia, in the southern province of Chubut, the National SAR Agency (Search and Rescue) reported that the vessel Seabed Constructor reached the vessel , with two of its eight crew missing.

Meanwhile, five are in good condition and one is injured.

They Look for Uruguayan and French After Shipwreck in Argentina

The maritime forces found that the Ti Paradise remains afloat and is in navigational conditions, so now they are heading to the Falkland Islands, although the “bad weather conditions” still persist in the area.

The search continues for the two missing crew members, who were affected by “strong winds of more than 80 kilometers per hour” and a wave “greater than four meters” and have not yet been sighted by the equipment sent.

The case is being directed by the SAR Belgrano Coordinating Center, which requested the ships that sailed in the vicinity to stand out in order to carry out the rescue actions.

They also asked the Malvinas Joint Operations Center to send an aircraft to help with the search tasks of the missing crew members.

The member of the wounded sailboat was boarded on the ship Seabed Constructor and plan to move it to the Falklands.


Source: ecos Uruguay