They Intentionally Sink Ships To Create Artificial Reefs In The Atlantic Ocean (VIDEO)

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Seldom the sinking of a ship is good news. A ferry called Twin Capes has been purposely sunk to help create an artificial reef in the Atlantic Ocean, and the video of its descent into drone view is simply stunning.

The ferry had about 42 years in service, transporting people from one coast to another in the Bay of Delaware, United States.

It is a 320-foot ferry (almost 100 meters long) and weighs 2,100 tons.

To sink it, they have had to open holes in the hull to get water, so it has disappeared in the Atlantic in a matter of minutes.

The Twin Capes will help increase the formation of marine life, including fish, corals and more.

It is not the first ship sunk in the area to create an artificial reef; five other ships, including a destroyer of the US Navy, were sunk near the Twin Capes, some 47 kilometers off the coast of New Jersey.


Source: contextotucuman