They Honour Their Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers By Taking Part In The 74th Anniversary Victory Day Events

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Thousands of students of universities and secondary vocational schools of Rosmorrechflot throughout the country are taking part in commemorative events dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. In all the cities where 5 higher education institutions of the water transport system and almost three dozen of their regional branches work, memorable actions take place, Rosmorrechflot reports. Also, the participation of future sailors and rivermen of Russia in the procession of the nationwide grateful Memory “Immortal Regiment” has already become a tradition.

VLADIVOSTOK. On the eve of the main national holiday of our country at the Admiral G.I. Nevelsky hosted a presentation of the essays of cadets and students on grandfathers and great-grandfathers who won the Great Patriotic War. This year 53 people took part in this wonderful event.

The descendants of the front-line soldiers gathered in the meeting room of the Academic Council. An important “preamble” to the presentation of the thoughts of the children about their heroic ancestors was the exposition of weapons and ammunition during the Great Patriotic War. It was opened right in front of the entrance to the hall by the captain of the first rank of the reserve, the deputy head of the military department, a member of the Vlad-Kamrad military historical reconstruction club, Igor Korobeinikov. He accompanied the demonstration of unique exhibits with interesting comments on the history of the Victory weapon.

On May 7, cadets and students turned the pages of this national book of Memory, which great-grandchildren create from the words of mothers, fathers and grandmothers. And the musical prologue to the handwritten pages was one of the most piercing songs of the Patriotic War – “Dark Night”, which was performed by the cadet of the SVF Sergey Mazilnikov.

The guys were worried, some even admitted that “to a shiver in their legs.” Tatyana Andrushchenko vividly spoke about the love and war of her great-grandfather, naval officer Grigory Zabarenko, although he had never seen him. By the way, almost none of the authors of his writings saw their great-grandfathers. This is not surprising: the few front-line soldiers even had the chance to live before their grandchildren, the more important it was to hear the voice of blood and uneasy pride in the words of descendants.

From them we learned how the grandfather of the Marine Technology College Cyril Bondarenko went to the fleet. He did not want to take to the war because of a crippled leg. The commander of the ship took him to the team at your own peril and risk. And I was not mistaken: quite a bit of time passed, and the stubborn lad made a real feat, became the Hero of the Soviet Union … Cadet Denis Perepelkin and the ITTF student Alyona Kuzmina told about their great-grandfathers – the holders of the Order of Glory. This highest soldier’s award was given to warriors who showed miracles of heroism from year to year. Three orders – three feats …

In the writings, the words “My great-grandfather reached Berlin” were often met. In fact, only one out of a hundred soldiers who fought in the Great Patriotic War reached Berlin. It was especially bitter to die in May 1945, a few days before the end of the war. But the warriors did not think about themselves — about victory. As, for example, Alexey Andrianov’s great-grandfather.

About boys who went to war, it is a special speech. Who just did not fight fearless boys! Among them were pilots, scouts, snipers, paramedics, radio operators … One of them, radio operator Kandrakova Maria, told a law student Alina Kapsheeva.

Very often the phrase: “My great-grandfather did not like to recall the war.” But the war did not let them go for a minute. And yet they told … cadets Anton Kholmansky, Dmitry Pedora and Denis Miracles shared their memories of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

In the war, everything happened. Including – and real miracles. Twice the family of the commander of the mortar platoon Ivan Pismenny (by the way, a graduate of our Marine Technical School) received a death note for him. Twice he was seriously wounded, captured, escaped … And yet he returned home to his native Kavalerovo.

There were peaceful professions in war: cook, laundress, hairdresser, nurse. There were veterinarians. About his great-grandfather, a surgeon of the army veterinary hospital, said cadet CMF Roman Chechnev.

Speaking about the heroes of the war, it is impossible not to say about those who fought in the rear: about teenagers, old men and women, on whose shoulders lay an incredible burden and responsibility. The grandmothers and great-grandmothers of our cadets worked in the fields and factories, raised their children and the post-war country. They cried over funerals and, having clasped their teeth, went to work. It was necessary to keep for the sake of the children, for the sake of the future … One of these essays was penetratingly read by Viktor Goncharenko, cadet of the SVF.

The 74 years that separate us from May 9, 1945 are one moment for history. But for us – this is a great human life. Most of those who died in the war did not live to be thirty years old. Millions of the dead were the same age as today’s cadets and students. It is very important that the guys remember and understand: now, too, there is a war. Only war is informational. The war is for the souls of the people whose great-grandfathers died on the fronts of the Patriotic War.

The writing of the cadet of the 17th company, Vladislav Bagnenko, was dedicated to memory. He found his own, not borrowed and not hackneyed words to express attitude towards those who are trying to rewrite history.

Of course, not all 53 essays were presented at the presentation. But when the roll call began, each of those present in the hall had the opportunity to stand up and give the name of his grandfather, great-grandfather, great-grandmother … And honor their memory with a moment of silence.

The evening ended with the delivery of memorable postcards to each author of the essay and general photos under a copy of the Banner of Victory.

They Honour Their Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers By Taking Part In The 74th Anniversary Victory Day Events

NOVOSIBIRSK. Along with the traditional celebrations in honor of the next Victory Day, laying flowers, parade marches and constructions, many students of the Siberian State University of Water Transport devoted pre-holiday days to a serious struggle for victory in the competition of professional skills of youth.

From May 6 to May 8, in the Center for Continuing Professional Education of the Siberian State University of Water Transport, there was held a closed intra-university professional skills championship in the field of “Life Safety on a Ship”. Professional skill competitions were held in pursuance of the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation on the basis of the decisions of the Council on Education of Rosmorrechflot, in accordance with the standards of the Union of Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia).

Three days students of the Faculty of Navigation, united in three teams of three people each, proved their professional skills in the center of additional professional education of SSUT, as well as at the training ground in the Berdsky Bay area and in the swimming pool of the University.

“The championship was held primarily to increase the motivation of students to master the skills to combat the survivability of the vessel, which, undoubtedly, will be useful to them in their professional activities on board the vessel. Thanks to such events, the attractiveness of maritime vocational education also improves for future cadets. The participants, in turn, work out new competencies gained in the learning process, as well as form a real assessment of readiness for professional activities, ”said Vitaly Glushets, chairman of the organizing committee of the Championship of Professional Skills.

The competitive task of competence was a series of four modules: “Taking immediate measures in case of an accident or other situation requiring medical assistance”, “Fighting fire and extinguishing a fire”, “Fighting for unsinkability”, “Surviving at sea in the event of abandonment of a ship ”, And the demanding experts who had studied at WorldSkills Russia Academy, who observed the contestants, evaluated how quickly and competently the guys worked. And they, in their turn, practically lived through emergency situations – they extinguished the fire, looked for the victim in the smoke-filled room, rendered first aid to him, lifted the drowning person on a life raft, and also quickly equipped themselves with special equipment.

The chief expert of the competition, Vyacheslav Kuzmin, also believes that such a championship contributes to the growth of the professional skills of all its participants, while all the features of the naval workers’ specialties are revealed in a fascinating form.

The first place was taken by the team consisting of Andrei Aseev, Evgeny Dudin and Vladislav Fedorenko. The second place went to the team, which included Dmitry Boldyrev, Ilya Khrenov and Dmitry Frantsev. And the honorable third place was taken by Artem Epanchintsev, Maxim Tarasenko and Alexander Kharchenko.

The guys fought for leadership until the very end, and this struggle was unanimously noted by experts – no one wanted to concede. But at the same time, there was a place for true friendship in this struggle, because there is nothing stronger than men’s mutual assistance.

Symbolically, the organizers noted that the most important professional and strong-willed lessons, as well as the most effective “inoculation” of collectivism, were given on the eve of the 74th anniversary of the Victory of our people in the Great Patriotic War.

NIZHNY NOVGOROD. Students and cadets of a leading transport university in the Volga region honored the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. On May 7, veterans, home front workers and children of war were honored at the Volga State University of Water Transport. The rector of the university Igor Kuzmichev opened the event.

– The living memory of the Great Victory is farther and farther away from us, fewer and fewer remain witnesses of those heroic pages of our history that some forces are trying to rewrite. No wonder they say that the share of each generation has its own war. Your share fell war information. Therefore, such meetings are especially important when veterans and students can hold together the very bond of generations that will not let us forget the feat of our people – Victory! – He said, referring to students and cadets VSUVT.

The representatives of the council of veterans of the university Fedor Repin and Anatoly Gladyshev also addressed the trainees. They wished young people courage, noting that in our time it is required even to study well and get rid of bad habits, in order to eventually become a professional in the transport industry. They shared their memories of the beginning of the war, told about book publishing projects: recently three books have been published about students, staff and graduates of the GIIVT, who tell about three hundred destinies scorched by war.

The event continued with a gala concert prepared by students and staff of the Volga University.

Before cadets NRU them. I.P. Kulibina was made by the head of the school Denis Kostyunichev and the chairman of the Nizhny Novgorod regional public movement of fleet support, the captain of the 1st rank of the reserve Vitaly Antonevich. A day before, veterans of the university, together with the cadets of the oldest river school of Russia, jointly laid flowers at the Eternal Flame in the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin.

By a good tradition, the rally participants gathered in front of the monument to the hero of the Soviet Union, the graduate of the school, Nikolai Vilkov.

On May 9, cadets, students and teachers of VSUVT will take part in the all-Russian action “Immortal Regiment”, confirming the unshakable fairness of the words, that in our country no one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten.

NOVOROSSIYSK. The cadets of the Admiral Ushakov State Maritime University together with their mentors took part in a series of events dedicated to the celebration of the 74th Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.

The Maritime University has many traditions associated with honoring veterans who died during that terrible and bloody war and after it. Throughout the school year, cadets of the Volunteers Center of the State Medical University visit veterans, help them and their families, care for the graves of front-line soldiers.

Volunteers of the “Peer Schooners” went to the mountains to relocate the Victory Calendar and to clean up the annual grave on the slopes of the Sugar Loaf Mountain on Saturday. For more than 10 years, cadets of the Maritime University under the leadership of Ivan Mikhailovich Sidorov, Deputy Pro-Rector for educational work of the Institute of Maritime Transport Management, Economics and Law, have been keeping the memory watch under the schooner of the same age public patriotic project. Supporting the traditional operations of the very first “Schooner”, implemented by Konstantin Podyma, the founder of the “Schooner of the same age”, the cadets come up with new actions and carry patronage over the Mass grave (Dolgaya Hill), putting it in order every year. The structure of the Schooner included famous people: the announcer Yuri Levitan, the composer Alexander Pakhmutov and the poet Nikolai Dobronravov,

And the hymn of the “Schooner” is the song “Brigantine” of the poet Pavel Kogan who died on the defense of Novorossiysk.

In addition, all ushakovtsy, including training at the Sevastopol branch of the Maritime University, participate in the traditional distribution of St. George ribbons, the comprehensive preparation of parade calculations to participate in the May 9 Parade.

  1. PETERSBURG. At the Piskarevsky Memorial Cemetery, on May 6, an action “In memory of the fallen be worthy” was held, dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This traditional ceremony for the north was attended by cadets and students of the Admiral SO State University of Maritime and River Fleet. Makarov, headed by the head of the extracurricular and educational work, Roman Kuznetsov.

The action began with the lighting of a torch that united the flame of the Eternal Flame of the Piskaryov Memorial with particles of the Eternal Flame of the hero-cities. Also, banners of cities of military glory were handed down. The guard of honor who carried the torch to the Mother-Motherland monument opened the procession in which veterans, representatives of the city authorities, students of secondary and higher institutions of the city and indifferent residents of the city were laying flowers. Every year more and more participants join the action, so you can repeat with confidence – the memory will not be interrupted and will live for centuries.

The cadets and students of GUMRF laid scarlet carnations from themselves and white and red flower baskets from the whole university to the memorial, saluted for the fallen. Arriving at the Piskarevskoye cemetery every year, they not only commemorate those who died on the battlefield and died in besieged Leningrad, but also attached to the military history of Leningrad – St. Petersburg, once again understand the value of the Victory and its significance for our state and the whole world.

MOSCOW. On the eve of Victory Day, dozens of students and cadets of the Moscow Academy of Water Transport, a branch of the GUMRF named after Admiral S.O. Makarov, traditionally took part in the program of solemn commemorative events in the Russian capital and the Moscow region.

The children carried a guard of honor at the ceremony of laying flowers to the graves of the former leaders of the Russian transport complex at the Novodevichy Cemetery of Moscow, participated in laying wreaths and flowers at the country’s only monument to sailors and merchants of the merchant fleet who died during the battles for the Motherland in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 , located on the territory of the boarding house near Moscow “Moryak”. The creative team of MGAVT presented a traditional concert to the industry veterans, this time dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the Great Victory.


Source: Maritime News of Russia