They Found An Alligator More Than 4 Meters Long in the United States

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The biologists discovered that the  animal had a serious health problem and had to be sacrificed.

Every day more and more surprising finds are made in nature, which allow us to study better those that we do not yet know about the wild life. A few days ago, scientists observed for the first time a giant tarantula devouring an opossum , in this case was found an alligator with more than 4 meters long and weighing 317 kilograms.

The reptile was found near Lake Blacks hear in Georgia, United States. When they found it they photographed it and their photo quickly went viral in social networks, people doubted the veracity of the image saying that it had been edited and that it was not real.

Given this, Brent Howze, wildlife biologist in the State Department of Natural Resources clarified this in an interview for the Cordele Dispatch. “Apparently a lot of people think it’s fake, but I can assure you it’s not,” Howze said .

The huge animal was found by a person who lives near the place and instantly communicated with the local authorities. “It was bigger than we initially expected and we had to use heavy equipment to move it,” said the biologist.

They Found An Alligator More Than 4 Meters Long in the United States

He also noted that the alligator had a serious health problem and was suffering, so they decided to apply euthanasia . “It was a very old alligator with bad physical condition due to what appeared to be bullet wounds.” Howze concluded by stating that the only way this species can reach that size is by avoiding humans .


Source: Aweita la Republica