They Found A Message In A Bottle In Moscow That Was Thrown In The Sea From Spain By A Young Girl

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The star of this fascinating story is a 4 year old British girl. “If you find this picture, please respond with the name of your country and an image,” the letter read.

A message in a bottle thrown into the sea by a British girl of four years from the Mediterranean coast of Spain ended nothing more and nothing less than in the waters of the main river in Moscow (Russia), after travelling thousands of miles away, reports The Telegraph

“Hi, my name is Taylor Powell, I’m 4 years old and I’m on vacation in Spain with my dad, if you find this picture, please reply with your country’s name and an image, ” the little girl wrote in a note she placed in the bottle next to a photograph while resting with his father on May 19 in Santa Susanna, north of Barcelona.

After travelling adrift through several seas, the object appeared floating in the waters of the Moscow River , which crosses the Russian capital. And there was found by Alex and Sasha, a couple resident in the city, although the exact date in which it happened is not specified.

The Muscovites responded to the sender-a Weston-super-Mare woman in the English county of Somerset (United Kingdom) – by sending her a picture of the original letter and explaining where the message was found.

Ritchie Powell, the child’s father, described the moment of his daughter’s pleasant surprise when she received the news. “When I told Taylor that someone had answered the message, her face lit up completely, she was very happy,” the man said.

As for the possible route that the bottle made, from the National Center of Oceanography they suggested that it probably would have gone around the Iberian Peninsula passing the Portuguese coasts and the Bay of Biscay and then heading north, surrounding Ireland and then the Scottish Shetland Islands.

Finally, the message had to cross the North Sea and from there to reach Russia before passing through the Baltic, although it may well have travelled through even more northern waters, changing course to northern Norway.

They Found A Message In A Bottle In Moscow That Was Thrown In The Sea From Spain By A Young Girl

Source: ActualidadRT