They Find Them Floating In The Ocean On Drug Packages To Stay Afloat After Their Drug Trafficking Boat Sank In Colombia (VIDEO)

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It happened in Tumaco, Colombia. The authorities continue to look for a fourth person who was travelling aboard the boat.

A Colombian navy ship rescued three drug traffickers from the ocean whose boat sank off the coast of the municipality of Tumaco. To stay afloat, the men clung to several of the packages that were part of the cargo they were transporting by sea, which contained a total of 1.2 tons of cocaine .

According to the Daily Mail , the crew of the boat encountered the particular scene 55 kilometers off the coast of Tumaco. By the time the rescue took place, the drug traffickers had remained close to three hours waiting for help.

In a video published by the aforementioned media, the three men hugging the black wrapping packages floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are seen.

As it transpired, drug traffickers transported the drug aboard a small vessel that they had to abandon after it was hit by a large wave . Subsequently, the cargo began to surface and acted as a kind of lifeguard that allowed them to remain safe until they were spotted by the authorities.

Seeing the situation, the members of the army rescued the trio and provided them with medical attention. However, after an inspection of the packages they discovered that they were full of cocaine and arrested them .

According to local media, men will be prosecuted for “traffic, manufacturing and handling of narcotics.” In addition, it was reported that the navy continues to search the area for a fourth person travelling in the boat.


Source: TN Internacional

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