They Find Cargo Of Marijuana Guns And Ammunition In A Cylinder Attached To Boat In Putumayo

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The authorities seized 1663 kilos of marijuana transported in a cylinder more than 14 meters long attached to a vessel that was in Puerto Leguízamo (Putumayo), bordering Ecuador.

The drug, which apparently was destined for Brazil, was found by members of the National Navy in the inspection of a ship on the Putumayo River, which bathes Puerto Leguízamo.

The marijuana was in 1649 rectangular packages inside a cylinder of 14 meters long by 1.5 meters in diameter “attached to the right side of the hull” of the boat.

“This cylinder, had air and water injection systems, which by means of valves, allowed it to sink or float in the water,” detailed the information.

A gun and bullets were also found next to the marijuana.

This is the second device of these characteristics that has been discovered by the Colombian Navy on the Putumayo River. The first one was found in December of last year and transported 700 kilos of marijuana.

Four people were arrested during the operation, among them a 38-year-old woman, who remained at the disposal of the authorities, while the marijuana will be destroyed in a controlled manner.

Drug gangs develop methods to transport illicit drugs, including through semisubmersibles, where they ship cocaine abroad.

They Find Cargo Of Marijuana Guns And Ammunition In A Cylinder Attached To Boat In Putumayo

Even electrical submersibles have been discovered, which are more difficult to detect because the batteries that feed the machine do not produce gases.

The seizure of the first semisubmersible or submersible developed by Colombian drug traffickers goes back to 1993, and since then more than 120 ships of this type have been confiscated, more than half of them in the Pacific.


Source: Canal1