They Find a Pregnant Whale Dead; With a Belly Full of Plastic

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Several news reveals the sad reality we live in terms of environmental pollution. Both the soil, the air and the waters of our planet have an unimaginable amount of garbage.

Among the most common waste, plastic is a headache for environmentalists, but if we meditate a bit, not only they are concerned about nature because they are not a fanatics concerned about ecosystems.

In fact, the natural environment we all inhabit and we should be more cautious about the care that we have not provided to the place where we live.

A study revealed that we human beings eat more and more plastic, just as you listen to it! The particles of this material are found everywhere: in the air we breathe and in the water we drink.

Inclusive irrefutable proof of the contamination that the plastic provokes like the photo of a baby seal reclining in a bottle as a pillow have come to light .

Today we are going to tell you about the sad discovery of a dead pregnant whale with plastic in its stomach .

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, plastic is one of the greatest threats to marine life, as the enormous amounts of waste end up damaging the species that inhabit the oceans.

The deceased was a sperm whale eight meters long that was breeding and was found on an Italian coast with 22 kilos of plastic in her belly!

In a statement, the WWF said that the poor animal had in its stomach a corrugated tube for electrical work, plastic plates, grocery bags, tangled fishing nets and a laundry detergent package with the brand and legible barcode.

Instead of bringing another whale into the world, this female ended up losing her life due to the lack of empathy of a selfish society.

The animal arrived on the northern coast of Sardinia last week and was discovered by local fishermen.

For its part, the WWF organization noted that the plastic has killed at least five more whales around the world.


Source: la neta noticias