They Discover A Strange Ocean Creature With An Impressive Tail (VIDEO)

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Scientists plunged into the Pacific Ocean and found a sea squid known as Asperoteuthis mangoldae.

According to the research report, it is the first time that the animal is seen alive, since only dead specimens were known.

Initially it was thought to be a normal squid, with something glued to its body, but then the researchers determined that the Asperoteuthis pulled an impressive tail when it was threatened or frightened by the Hercules underwater vehicle, operated by the Nautilus expedition scientists.

While the conclusions left by the expedition so far are being developed, it is believed that the squid uses this tail to look more threatening and scare off threats. It could also serve to mimic.

The video of the historical discovery accumulates more than 400 thousand reproductions.


Source: Noticias CaracolTV