They Discover a Magical Creature Deep in a River Thinking it Was a Rock (VIDEO)

The creature approaches the diver without fear, even seems to greet him in a video uploaded to YouTube that went viral.

An astounding discovery was made viral on YouTube and it has cast doubt on thousands of users who wondered what animal it was. And is that the amazing creature does not look like many animals we know today.

A student at the University of Texas in the United States who works in a conservation team on the San Marcos River made a huge discovery when entering the river with his video camera. “Diving is my passion and that’s how I earn my living,” said the man.

As the subject explains, whose dream is to work someday in National Geographic, he was able to capture the moment during a job in the natural area of ​​Purgatory Creek, in Texas. When he was about to leave, he stayed still and felt a strange creature approaching him.

The rare animal was actually an old snapping turtle, which sports various algae all over its body, as well as cataracts in its eyes. “It’s strange to see these turtles approach, they are usually very shy and escape when they feel the presence of a human,” says the diver.

One of the YouTube users, concerned about the lizard, asked the man if he had done something afterwards. Instantly, the diver assured him that he did not touch, harass or feed the reptile. “She alone came up to me.”

Snapping turtles inhabit southern Canada and Ecuador. They usually prefer to be in mud bottoms, with a lot of vegetation and they measure between 50 and 60 centimeters in length. However, its main characteristics are its hard bite and its carapace with jagged edges.