They Cut Off His Tail Laughed and Mocked Him (WARNING This Video Contains Sensitive Content Which Some People May Find Offensive And Disturbing)

Two fishermen have been dismissed from their jobs after recording a video in which they are seen mutilating a shark.

The Somniosus microcephalus or Greenland shark is a species of shark that lives more than three hundred years. A 2016 study revealed an amazing discovery that happened by chance: a fishing boat had captured one of those sharks and it could be proven that their life expectancy was almost incredible.

Now those sharks have gone viral, but for much sadder news. Two fishermen who were fishing in the waters of Greenland captured one of these sharks, but decided to mutilate it just for fun. They cut off his tail and threw it into a crushing machine before returning the animal to the water laughing and shouting: “Goodbye friend, let’s see how you swim now bastard.”

The video was published by the Instagram account @oceankeepers (vigilantes de los oceanos) and denounced the animal abuse of two fishermen who also uploaded the images to social networks. This served so that the company they work for had knowledge of what happened and, as they explain in their message, they were immediately dismissed .

Dismissed and fine

In addition, @oceankeepers assure that “the men violated several laws and could face a fine of up to one million Icelandic crowns”, approximately 8,000 euros, for a crime of animal cruelty.

However, the video has gone viral after the environmental organization Save the Reef published it on their social networks. They explain that “unfortunately, this kind of senseless killing will be the end of our marine life, our environment and even our own species.”

Even actor Jason Momoa has written on his social media networks the frustration caused by the images: “I never wanted to hurt a human being as much as when I heard your laughter, we all make mistakes, but what you have done is pure evil .” More than a million people have applauded the message of the Aquaman on Instagram.


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?? Yet again I’m left speechless with the commercial fishing community and its lack of respect for #marinelife. Two fishermen recorded and laughed as another cuts off the tail (caudal fin) of what looks like a Greenland Shark. One of the fisherman can be heard yelling “Good luck trying to swim, you bastard” while the other laughs as the mutilated #shark tries to escape. #GreenlandSharks live to between 300-500 years old but don’t reach breeding age until about 150. It’s also speculated that populations number are low as the shark is fished for its liver oil in the #Scandinavian region. Thankfully the men were promptly fired from their jobs on board. It also seems that the men broke several laws and could face up to a million ISK (roughly $11600 AUD) in fines on animal cruelty charges… hardly enough for that horrific act in my opinion. @oceanskeepers . . . . . . #greenland #greenlandshark #sharkeducation #sharkconservation #saveshark #saveoursharks #fishing #commercialfishing #animalcruelty #stopanimalcruelty #oceanskeepers #iceland

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Source: El Confidencial