They Create A Robot Fish That Can Travel By Water And Air For Research (VIDEO)

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London scientists created a kind of ‘ fish’ that moves through the water and jumps obstacles with a method of propulsion that seems as if gas is fired. This robot scans the sea and could help monitor reefs or other research.

Imperial College London, one of the world’s leading universities, informed the Daily Star that they had created a device that swims underwater and scans the seabed, which could be used for military tactics or environmental investigations.

The ‘fish’ robot can fly because it produces combustible gas that throws it away, as if a gas were fired.

Mirko Kovac, director of the Air Robotics Laboratory at Imperial College London, explained to Digital Trends the operation of the robot ‘fish’:

“This robot uses a propulsion system that allows it to pass from water to air. For this transition to happen, a very high power system is required that allows you to clean the water and enter the gliding flight. This locomotion principle is used by flying fish that cause the same water paragliding. That’s where inspiration comes from. ”

The ‘fish’ robot of Imperial College London generates its own fuel gas and fires it from the rear, so many of the specialists compared it with a kind of flatulence.

Kovac said the autonomous robot could be used as a monitoring tool:

“The miniature jet could be used to monitor reefs or the Arctic sea.”

An article from the team, published in the journal Science Robotics, specifies that ‘the flying fish weighs 160 grams and reaches a distance of 26 meters, using 0.2 grams of fuel’.

The propulsion happens when the robot combines the calcium carbide granules with the water in which it is swimming to produce combustible acetylene gas, which causes the ‘fish’ to jump for short periods:

“There are often obstacles in the water, such as rocks, corals or floating ice, which make it difficult to access traditional water transport. This method would allow a variety of water vehicles to get out of the water and enter the airspace, allowing them to operate in more complex environments. ”

Know the operation of the flying fish:


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Cover: YouTube.