They Create a Human Chain To Save Him from Drowning

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Sometimes our animals get into situations where they can not escape and need our help. Homeless pets are particularly vulnerable to accidents when there is no one to watch out for them, but that does not mean that our fearless dogs and cats at home do not know their fair share of mishaps.

In one way or another, a puppy descended a slippery slope into rushing water and could not get out alone. Fortunately, some amazing humans saw the poor puppy and decided to join together in helping him.

The clip begins with a man in the water with the dog, ensuring the safety of the animal. The rest of the audience is very high up and makes a plan: to form a human chain to save both the man and dog at once.

Quite a few attempts were necessary for the human chain to be correct; After all, the slippery slope threatens to bring them into the water if they are not careful.

But one by one, they get closer and closer to the man in the water, who grabs the dog and pulls it easily further and further up the slope. The rescue only lasts a few seconds, but the strength and determination of these strangers is simply incredible!

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Source: Little Things