They Come Across Loads Of Clear Plastic Along The Sea Shore In Spain Which Turns Out To Be Living (VIDEO)

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A viral video on YouTube disturbed thousands of users with the arrival of strange transparent creatures on the shore of a Spanish beach.

This last weekend, the beaches of Granada and Malaga in Spain were in the eye of the storm after a group of bathers recorded the appearance of mysterious sea creatures , whose appearance terrified thousands of YouTube users.

From its mysterious appearance on the seashore, bathers have uploaded countless photos of rare marine animals to social networks, creating a stir for its transparent appearance; They have not even hesitated to label them as aliens. However, marine biologists have a strong theory to explain this unusual phenomenon.  

A big debate was triggered, where most citizens are confused about the strange transparent creatures with jellyfish; however, recognized biologists have confirmed that they are harmless invertebrates that inhabit the depths of the ocean.

According to the website ‘Aula del Mar de Málaga’, the abrupt emergence of these strange creatures is due to a natural phenomenon . “They get carried away by the currents and sometimes concentrate on certain beaches in search of food such as phytoplankton,” read a publication in the newspaper Sur.

These species are examples of the species Salpa fusiformis , also known as Salpa fusiformis, and are usually found in the Antarctic Ocean, in the North Pacific or even in European waters such as those in the United Kingdom or the Mediterranean. Thousands of YouTube users were surprised by the terrifying aspect of the strange creatures stranded on the beaches.

Users posted their videos and photos on YouTube reflecting the strange phenomenon that has left them in shock. “Today on the coasts of Granada are finding this. It’s not plastic or jellyfish, it’s not a fish. It is a tunicate called Salpa fusiformes (salpas). They are not stinging or dangerous, they form colonies and are hemaphrodites. Do not hurt them, they are harmless, “commented one user on Twitter.

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Source: La Republica