They Claim To Have Seen The Legendary ‘Ogopogo’ In A Lake In Canada [VIDEO]

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The legendary ‘Ogopogo’, popularly known as the Canadian Loch Ness monster, would have been recorded by a tourist who visited the place.

The Skaha Lake, located in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, showing the legendary ‘ Ogopogo ‘, a mythical creature that supposedly lives there. 

According to Global News, a well-known Canadian television network, the person who posted the video on YouTube is Jim La Rocque, a tourist who visited Lake Skaha with his family earlier this month and saw a strange disturbance in the water.

According to the publication, he began to hear a kind of buzzing from the bottom of the waters, so he decided to take out his smartphone and record the video.

In the images, we can see a type of ripple in the water, similar to a series of humps that, supposedly, belong to the Ogopogo, which would measure around 36 meters long.

“Everything I heard was like a buzzing sound. Finally, my son turns and sees a fin that comes out of the water and hits it, and that’s when he came back”.

Although the author of the video, as well as many people on YouTube, think that the legendary ‘ Ogopogo ‘ was recorded, a scientist from the University of British Columbia, named Robert Young, gave a rational explanation of the occurrence.

“I think it’s a product of the turnaround that occurs seasonally where the lake layers of different temperatures and depths pass each other. When the layers pass to each other, they form a wake, these waves only form when there are no other waves to mix it. People do not like that they know, they have to have an explanation. Inventing myths and legends, I’m not surprised that people want to cling to the idea of ​​a mythical monster, “he said.


Source: La Republica