Shark’s Head Is Pulled by Mysterious Sea Creature And Thousands Are Surprised [PHOTOS]

Internet users immediately started a discussion about the possible causes of shark death. Among other predators, they considered the chances of being attacked by a giant shark or an orca.

Some amateur fishermen were fishing on the Australian coast when they captured the severed head of a mako shark.The photo of the find was published by Trapman Bermagui in his Facebook group and on his Instagram account on Thursday, March 28.

According to the description of the publication, the fishermen were fishing smaller sharks when they noticed something in the water. The authors of the image indicate that the head weighed about 100 kilograms and when they cut about 35 kilograms of meat found inside the needle of a sailfish .

Immediately the netizens began to speculate on the possible causes of the death of the marine predator.“Apparently, he was attacked by two sharks at once, ” suggested user Aaron Smith. “It was 100% a huge tiger shark,” said another. A user named Damien Ryder suggested that he was probably attacked by a killer whale .

The mako shark can reach up to 4 meters in length and 750 kilos in weight. It is considered the fastest animal in the ocean, since it can swim at speeds of up to 124 kilometers per hour.