They Capture Loads Of Fish In The Most Unconventional Way (VIDEO)

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A viral video showed the amazing discovery of a group of fishermen pulling a huge net in a river in Brazil and finding huge fish emerging from the water. 

A viral video that was shared on YouTube, shows the shocking moment in which a group of fishermen caught hundreds of fish that emerged from a river in Brazil and that has caused great astonishment in several users on social networks.

Internet users to see what happened when the fishermen placed the net in the water, were horrified, as hundreds of of different sized fish appeared. Therefore, the comments did not stop invading the publication of the YouTube viral video.

“What kind of magic is that to capture so many fish”, “I never saw anything like it, hundreds of fish in a matter of minutes”, “This is the scariest thing I’ve seen”, were some of the comments that users of  YouTube .

In the first minutes of the viral video you can see seven fishermen holding a gigantic net. In minute 1:30 a gigantic fish quickly emerges from the river and frightened the heck out of one of the men.

After a few seconds, the men gathered the huge fishing net and managed to remove hundreds of fish that were inside the fresh water. An unusual capture that surprised more than one viewer on YouTube. Here we share the viral video so you can appreciate the capture of the fish.


Source: La Republica