They Break The Record Capturing a Huge Swordfish of More than 300 Kilos.

According to the people in the boat, they had to fight for eight hours to capture the specimen. The video is viral on YouTube.

A couple of spouses got a big surprise fishing with the boat and the captain who had hired a tour to see the habitat of the swordfish. The people on board captured a huge specimen of incredible dimensions. It happened in the Florida Keys, United States, and the video has gone viral on YouTube .

“On March 31, Bill and Debbie booked a trip with Captain Nick Stanczyk, and on the first bait, he stung a giant 343 kg swordfish that took 8 hours to catch! It took some time, but we finally got it. to Bud n ‘Mary’s Marina to weigh and clean it for dinner, ” reads YouTube.

As noted in the YouTube clip, the weight of the ‘booty’ was 343 kilograms, which blows up the official record registered by the Commission of Wildlife Conservation and Fisheries of Florida. So far the best brand was 277.5 kilos.

Although the record of the International Game Fish Association corresponds to a specimen of 536 kilograms captured in 1953 in the town of Iquique, Chile, where it is known as albacore.