They Believed They Had Found The Body Of A Man Lying Face Up In A River [VIDEO May Be Offensive]

A journalist thought he had found a dead person ; however, it was a drunk who had fallen asleep in the river; however, it is a drunk who was so dizzy that he decided to sleep in the most inappropriate place. 

The men began their work, while they waited for the police to arrive, when they suddenly got a big surprise. The supposed corpse began to rise and to everyone’s surprise was not dead, but had fallen asleep, due to alcohol.

After cleaning up and drying off, the subject gave a statement to the press, saying he does not remember anything of what happened. Although at the beginning he said that he had not drunk any alcoholic beverage, he later revealed that he had ingested a box of beer.

“In the end, everything turned out to be a confusion, many of those who could see him before he got up, called him the living dead“, with these words the reporter finished his report, which soon became viral in social networks , about everything on Facebook .

The video caused all kinds of reactions and comments on Facebook, most can not believe what this man did, who chose a terrible place to take a nap and is now known by everyone on social networks.

“He was not dead, he had been partying,” “how good he woke up before he had his autopsy,” “You can not sleep peacefully in the river, because you confuse him with a dead man”, are some of the curious comments. 

It is unknown where this incident occurred, since the description of the video does not give many details.


Source: La Republica